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Buy geocoins in value 18 eur and get one more special as a gift

When you buy geocoins marked with a coin icon  in price over or equal 18 euros, you will get the Slovak megaevent geocoin GeoAwards as a free gift.

The promotion is valid from Sunday, November 7, 2021 until further notice.

You will get GeoAwards geocoin as a gift automaticaly to your order. If you prefer the specific coin, you can attache a note to your order.

You will get GeoAwards geocoin for every 18 eur spent for geocoins marked with the coin icon.

As a gift, we only send geocoins from this list: 

More about geocaching geocoins you can read here: What are geocoins?


ATTENTION: The promotion only applies to the purchase of geocoins, goods that are marked with the coin icon this one: . It does not apply to other trackable items: travel bugs, travel tags, patches, etc.

If you have more questions, do not hesitate contact us via chat, email, phone +421 918 436 984 or via facebook messenger GeoAwards Team.

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