Big Geocaching T-shirt sale

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Total geocaching T-shirt sale. The campaign runs from November 13, 2020 until we end it. 

How does it work

To each purchased t-shirt or hoody with a label  or  we will pack a second t-shirt from this group, like a cat in a bag. This means that instead of one T-shirt for 9.99 euros, you get two T-shirts. We will pack the cat in your bag by chance, but of course if you write us in the note to the order which second T-shirt you are asking and we will have it in stock, we will send it to you. If you like surprises, but you don't want to get XXXXL for size S, for example, write us at least the size, color, women's / men's / children's, or any other indications in the note.


It is clear to me and I want to shop here T-shits and hoddies 


Since we are doing a really BIG Geocaching T-SHIRT SALE, you will get a gift for the two previous t-shirts: yes THIRD t-shirt for free. Choose this from the category GIFT - THIRD T-SHIRT. If you forget to put the third T-shirt in the basket, we will also pack some at random. T-shirt from the category GIFT - THIRD T-SHIRT costs an incredible 0 eur with VAT and you really only get it to the previous two t-shirts. To help you, each is marked with a picture as follows: 


A few anticipated frequently asked questions that may bother you:

May I buy a Bonus T-shirt to other items?

No. You can put the bonus t-shirt in the basket, but in real we will only send it as the third t-shirt in the order. If we see at least 1 t-shirt for 9.99 euros in the order, you will get a second t-shirt - as a cat in a bag and also a third t-shirt as a gift. If there is no T-shirt in the order, we will not send a gift.

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